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BEARD CARE - 4 hot tips for caring for your growing beard

Beard Care - 4 hot tips to care for your growing beard | Roxxi & Sioux Tattoo & Barber Parlour Melbourne

Beards come in all styles, shapes, and sizes; and we happen to love them all. From a classic big bushy lumberjack beard to a chiselled, styled, tapered short beard. We love any good beard that leaves you looking well kept, although slightly rugged. 

I’m not going to lie, commitment to the bearded life is key. I’m absolutely sure any beard owning person would agree, the most important thing about growing a beard is proper maintenance. 

Losing control of your beard can happen quickly. This tragic incident may simply result in a quick trip to your fave barber for a quick beard trim and tidy up, but if you don't keep on top of it that pesky itchy skin can lead to a severe case of the dreaded beard-druff. And damn it, you really don't want that. 

To avoid this absolute disaster be sure to form a daily beard care routine. A little self care ritual that allows you to do a quick bit of beard maintenance and styling. Your self-tailored care will not only help your beard as it grows, but also look after the skin underneath your ever-growing lush beard. Here are 4 hot tips from the team at Roxxi's for caring for your beard.

Regularly wash your beard.

Just like the hair on your head your beard needs a regular wash to cleanse it from any dirt, grime and hair and/or skin product build up. You can rush out to purchase a specialist beard shampoo, but truth be told, a regular shampoo like our awesome EVO shampoo will actually do the trick. It's quality and the fragrance is ace. 

Condition with beard oil.

A high quality beard oil will help soften the beard hair as well as soothe any irritated skin. You want to find a conditioning oil that's all about facial hair hydration without leaving you feeling oily, no one wants that.

Swing by Roxxi's and pick up our fave - Modern Pirate Beard Serum. It will have your beard smelling good and feeling super soft, healthy and nourished. It's non-greasy and loaded with antioxidants and nutrient-rich natural oils. Bonus - it can also double up as a silky-smooth hair serum. You simply apply the serum to soften and hydrate beards or apply to freshly washed dry hair as a leave-in overnight treatment. AND it triples as a pre-shave oil to protect skin from razor burns and redness. We love the light sweet pomegranate scent and how the formula includes jojoba and grapefruit oil.

Comb your beard.

Run a comb through your beard. It's that simple. Using a comb once a day will help to avoid any knots, tangles, and kinks. It will also help with prepping your facial fuzz for styling.

Regular beard trim.

Last but absolutely not least - regular beard trims will help keep your beard looking on point and totally rad. Beard trims and maintenance should be tailored around your facial hair growth goals. Want to add more length to your beard? No worries, you still want to make sure you're getting some monthly maintenance to help clean up the edges, and removed any unnecessary bulk that could be detrimental to the look you're hoping to achieve.

Get a trim, some advice, and super charge your beard care game by popping in to see our skilled barber Michael or barberette Storm. These two will level up your beard game!

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