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I was born in a rural lead-smelting town, so the mullet is a little triggering to me, but times have changed. I’ve had therapy and the mullet has moved forward, evolved even. There’s no doubt the mullet has made a true comeback, and I’m all for it.

When we finally got to open Roxxi’s after what felt like a million lockdowns, it wasn’t hard to notice that the mullet meant business! Let’s face it, we’re in Fitzroy so we’re going to be all over the mullet!

Back in the day it was about getting the most out of what was happening at the back of the head while keeping it short at the front. The modern-day mullet now comes in all shapes and sizes. Sure, some of our fabulous clients absolutely rock the old school (and they always have an awesome dog). However, the new school do is sharp! It’s super sharp and stylised.

It’s about texture and length, and fading those sides all the way to the skin. It’s reminiscent in ways of the classic London mod vibe. There is a noticeable trend with teens going for a sharp zero side while those in their 20 - 30’s aim for a bit more stylised shag on the side. Both looking for that volume and texture from the front to the back.

You don’t have to look far to check out the wide range of mullets in town, just watching the footy gives insight into just how broad the scope of the mullet is now. Or taking it to the music festivals and stages you’ll spot some hot styles on the heads of Amyl And The Sniffers and Ocean Grove members.

Roxxi’s senior barber Michael uses a matte clay paste by Modern Pirate to create a custom syle for who is sitting in that chair. The clay is a great way to add volume and texture without weighing your hair down.

You in? See you at Roxxi’s.

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