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The art of the cut-throat shave is fast disappearing in the face of modern tech and our time- poor lives. But when it comes to shaving, nothing compares to the timeless, traditional methods used by the Roxxi & Sioux barbers.

While electric and disposable razors might save you time, we’re not going to lie, dragging a dull blade across your face is just that – dull AF. It's also a million miles away from the true ritual of men’s grooming. We’re aware that a close shave at home takes time though, which is why you need experts to nail the job first time, every time!

Traditional Cut-Throat Shave - Full Cut-Throat head shave | Roxxi + Sioux


The secret to a traditional wet shave is time, process and skill. Heat and moisture are needed to soften the whiskers and raise the hair follicles; a hot towel is perfect for this. A quality natural shaving soap/cream and brush is imperative for a good lather and to prep the face and beard for shaving. For those of you who are vegan, you’ll be happy to know we don’t slather your face with animal derived products at Roxxi’s, our products are all vegan too.


A cut-throat which is also known as a straight razor is then used to deliver an ultra-close shave with shaving lotion. Moisturiser is then applied after to round off the ritual. And what a ritual it is, one that requires considerably more effort than using an electric shaver, that’s for sure! Confidence, skill and a steady hand offer up a smokin’ result that will give you that one-two quick step.

Stay Golden.

Traditional Cut-Throat Shave - Beard Trim Sculpting using cut-throat razor | Roxxi + Sioux


A good cut-throat shave is an art form, and the results are always impressive. By our calculations, on average men will spend up to 3,000 hours over a lifetime shaving… so why not spend some of that time kicking back, relaxing and taking a load off while one of Roxxi’s expert barbers does the work for you?

More than just a shave, a traditional wet shave has therapeutic properties, and we believe it is one of a fella’s last rituals as a man. It’s time for a bit of self-care, self-love, and down time to savour.

Come in for a traditional cut-throat shave at Roxxi’s, complete with a hot towel treatment and pure essential oils – you’ll leave feeling like a rock god.

Glad we agree on that. See you at Roxxi’s!

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