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Tapping hard and fast into the zeitgeist, Fitzroy’s sharpest new shopfront is female-led parlour-style tattoo shop, ROXXI & SIOUX.


Founder, Colette, is all about making Roxxi’s as welcoming as it gets.. and that extends beyond her clients. Colette’s staff and the people of the hood are included here too. 

Not a tattooist herself (you got a problem with that? Haha in-house joke), Colette has previously worked uber hard in community development, mostly in the drug and alcohol/ harm minimisation sector.  

She’s also worked in the music industry for a good 25 years and continues to work alongside her partner in crime running Virus Sound System and her newly launched ticketing agency, ROXXTIX. 


 Colette is the brains behind acclaimed plant-based, vegan skincare brand SASS + CO. BODY A skincare riot that was launched a good 5 years ago -  and she hasn’t looked back.  

You’ll often see Colette’s 10 year old small human either on Nintendo or doing small jobs around Roxxi’s on weekends and school holidays.

Life is sweet. 



With its leopard-print booth and sustainable timber workspaces ROXXI & SIOUX is an integral part of the Gertrude Street strip. Flooded with natural light, Roxxi’s parlour-like shop feels like a second home the moment you walk through the door. 

 Colette’s vision was simple: create a place to share conversation, culture and community – 

 The space is notably awesome and Colette is often asked in regards to the fit-out: 

"I collaborated with a well-known custom shop-fitter. His workshop is powered by solar panels, uses sustainable timber and captures rainwater  – it was natural to be part of this moral code and ensures I’m a business that keeps recycling and sustainability always in mind".


“Part shrine to body positivity and you doing you, expect Flash and custom designed tattoos, gig tickets via my ticketing agency, ROXXTIX and great merch”

  We’re more than a shopfront tattoo parlour: we want good tunes, top vibes and great tattoos.. it's all about looking and feeling your best - whatever that means for you".

“I also host the occasional afternoon weekend gallery event with a thrift market and our tattooists have awesome FLASH TATTOO designs for you to indulge in - it’s a killer day out” 



ROXXI’S TATTOOISTS are known for an especially high standard of professional tattooing and are dedicated to providing each and every client with a safe and positive experience.

ROXXI’S no-doubt offer a clean and hygienic studio space to be tattooed in. 

Your first tattoo or you’ve been in the chair 100 times before, you are very WELCOME! No tattoo is too big or too small. 




If you’d like to book an appoiment, please fill out or Tattoo Booking Form, think of it as an on-line consultation. We’ll offer our professional advice on all your tattoo needs and concerns. Let’s enjoy the process together. 



With its ethos of non-gendered inclusion and all ages welcome, ROXXI'S is undoubtably a freakin’ awesome space to simply  “be” in. 

Located on the corner of Gertrude and Brunswick Streets diagonally opposite The Workers Club, at the intersection of the 86 and 112 tramlines, ROXXI & SIOUX is smack-bang in the heart of it all.  

Come on in. 



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