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About Roxxi & Sioux


Tapping hard and fast into the zeitgeist, Fitzroy’s sharpest new shopfront is female-led parlour-style tattoo and barber shop ROXXI & SIOUX.

With barber rates based on style not gender, this inclusive lot offer tattoos, haircuts, ALL the hair colours AND body piercing. 


Colette Tattoli explains: We’re more than a shopfront, barber shop or tattoo parlour: we want great haircuts, good tunes, tattoos, body piercings and a proper solid vibe... it's all about looking and feeling your best - whatever that means for you".


Located on the corner of Gertrude and Brunswick Streets diagonally opposite The Workers Club, at the intersection of the 86 and 112 tramlines, ROXXI & SIOUX is smack-bang in the heart of it all.


Sleek, elegant, and flooded with natural light, this parlour-like shop is already gaining strong traction. With its leopard-print booth and sustainable timber workspaces ROXXI & SIOUX has become an integral part of Fitzroy’s eclectically suave scene.


Colette’s vision was simple: create a place to share conversation, culture and community – Colette is the brains behind acclaimed plant-based, vegan skincare brand SASS + CO. BODY, and is involved with Melbourne's Sound System culture, too, and her experience bringing those babies to fruition meant she knows what people want. After what we’ve all been through and all of that damn solitude, we want it all. 


Part shrine to body positivity and you doing you, expect cut-throat razor shaves, mullets, mohawks and classic mod cuts. Flash and custom designed tattoos, body piercing, gig tickets, meaningful merch, art shows, DJs, live electronica and an irrepressible team of aficionados. 



The space is notably beautiful and Colette is often asked in regards to the fit-out: "I collaborated with a well-known custom shop-fitter. His workshop is powered by solar panels, uses sustainable timber and captures rainwater – it was natural to be part of this moral code and ensures we are a business that keeps recycling and sustainability always in mind".


With its sustainable build, ethos of non-gendered inclusion and all ages welcome, plus clothing from brands such as Clothing the Gaps and available pieces of art and jewellery from independent designers - ROXXI'S is a sub-cultured gem rising to the surface of a fresh-faced new world. 

Come on in. 



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