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Barber / Colourist

Barber/Colourist - Roxxi & Sioux Boutique Barber Melbourne


Michael – you can call him Mike if you like – is a born and bred Melbournian who trained as a barber at a young age as part of a family business. Retraining to keep up with the freshest styles and a culture so current its raw, Mike has been making waves in the barbering world. 


Having spent the past two years in an award-winning barber shop alongside some of Melbourne’s most acclaimed hairdressers and colourists, Mike’s expertise extends to cutting, colouring and cut-throat shaves. Expert at all traditional barbering, he also likes to go out there… so if you can dream it, he can create it and that extends to colour too.


Michael’s extensive experience in hair & beard colour include: On scalp bleach, grey blending, pastel & vivid colours too!


Book with Mike - Roxxi & Sioux

No one wants to come into Roxxi's with an incorrect booking feeling all angsty about time and money. Feel free to shoot MICHAEL an email with an image of your current style and let him know where you'd like to go with it. We'll start the consultation process before you even get here. 


Hair by Michael at Roxxi & Sioux
Book with Mike - Roxxi & Sioux

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