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Our Artist charge a minimum fee of $160  per hour and goes to $280 per hour. Flash Designs are $250. The final price will be dependent on the detail of your design and the size. Fill out our Tattoo Booking Form and we’ll forward you a quote.
Fill our our Tattoo Booking Form page and provide a description of your design, reference photos, size and placement on your body. This information not only enables us to process your request quicker, it shows us that you’re serious! 
You can tap on, although please be aware that you will also pay the credit/ debit card charge. Cash is welcomed too, and there are ATMs in walking distance from the studio. We now offer Afterpay and Inkpay, although please be aware that the customer will pay the small fee to use these services. 
You must be 18 years of age. Valid photo ID must be presented on the day and will be recorded on your signed consent form. This is a strict rule at Roxxi’s, and we make no exceptions.
Food and water! We recommend that you have a snack and stay hydrated. Alcohol can increase bleeding, so we suggest not consuming alcohol the night before your appointment. Shaving the area you’ve chosen for your tattoo ‘hair-free’ before the appointment is greatly appreciated. You can also use a body scrub to ensure your skin is totally smooth. We suggest the Sass + Co. Volcanic Sea Salt scrub, available online here and in the studio.
The eternal question! Yes, a little, but you’re in in safe hands and we’ll make your experience as comfortable as possible. You may also discuss the use of numbing cream with your tattoo artsits. 
It takes up to two weeks for a fresh tattoo to completely ‘heal’. For your skin to completely recover can take serval months.
Please refer to our TATTOO AFTERCARE page and we will provide you with instructions once you have been inked. Just remember: if your tattoo becomes itchy – don’t itch it! This is a normal part of the healing process.
To ensure to keep a high standard of hygiene, we prefer that you come to your appointment alone. This also allows enough space for Roxxi’s artists to work, too.
We recommend you wait 3-4 days before you start exercising. Avoid the ocean for two weeks and chlorinated water for three weeks.
Yes! In fact, all the products used and sold in Roxxi’s are vegan. Tattoo before and aftercare, skincare and even the haircare we use are all vegan friendly.
Not all of our tattooist do, but, Yes! Please be aware that finger tattoos may not heal well, and we cannot guarantee that you will get the desired result with tattoos on the fingers because the ink tends to fade and drop out after 6-12 months. To counteract that, we recommend getting touch-ups.
Nini is a specialist when it comes to tattooing over scars! Tattoos can be applied to scars that are completely healed and are not red. It’s important we get to see the scar before we draw up a quote, so please email us photos beforehand.
If you need to reschedule your appointment, please let us know 2 weeks in advance and we can reschedule it for you. We don’t offer refunds.

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