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Nini Beltran-Bulard

Custom Tattoo Artist at Roxxi & Sioux Tattoo & Barber Shop



With over a decade-and-a-half’s experience as a tattooist, and as co-owner at Ninja Ink Tattoo in Hanoi, you know you are in safe hands with Nini. Recently moving from Vietnam to Melbourne,  Nini’s passion is blending saturated work to create smooth, arresting ‘water’ styles that really pop on the skin. Nini cares deeply about creating a calming atmosphere for her clients, a gem at putting everyone at ease. When she’s not tattooing, Nini loves to travel and can be found on a hot date night with her man. She also loves hanging out with her fam, and exploring her new city. 





Along with being our in-house tattooist, Nini is also an experienced body piercer. With many years as a piercer under her belt,  Nini offers body piercing and body adornments. A calm professional, she excels at quick, stress-free piercings, and is especially good at basic piercings for first-timers. Being a mother herself,  Nini happens to be awesome with kids when they come to Roxxi's to get their ears pierced. 



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