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Rachel Josephine

Custom Tattoo Artist at Roxxi & Sioux Tattoo & Barber Shop


Acclaimed tattooist Rachel Josephine likes to focus on body-work designs that are created to flow with the language of the body: bold, integrated works that highlight sharp angles; fine lines that trace a collarbone or thigh; intricate delicate works that offer up a curve. 
She also has a keen interest in botanicals, developed over years living close to the beach on the South Coast, and this is an integral part of the inspiration that drives her work. 
A tattooist of many years, Rachel prides herself on working with her clients from concept to ink to make sure they are comfortable every step of the way. A multi-disciplinary creative, she is also a painter, jewellery maker, has studied vet nursing and chemistry, and has even worked as lab technician.


Book in with Rachel to experience a truly skilled tattooist paired with an unpretentious vibe! 


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