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José has been tattooing for the best part of 8 years and it shows. His black and grey realism, micro-realism, watercolours, wildlife and animal portraits are off the charts.
Using bright colours; José has recently been working on manga, anime, cartoon and animation designs and is looking forward to bringing more of that to Roxxi & Sioux’s.
When he's not tattooing at Roxxi's Tattoo Shop, you'll find José delving into the astronomy aisle at the library or at a local music gig. You'll have to ask him what genres he prefers yourself.  Of course, your tattoo artist loves art and frequents Melbourne's art galleries and beyond. 
 Apparently he likes cars and working out too..  and he’s 32 years old.. and single .. (haha private joke).
José has a great sense of humour and is looking forward to tattooing you. Get onto our Tattoo Booking Form to start the conversation for something awesome. 


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