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Tattoo Booking Process

Tattoo Booking Process at Roxxi & Sioux



Investing in ink is a big thing, so getting it right – from the start – is essential. Custom designs are created in direct consultation with our awesome tattooists. It’s important for both of you to be clear on what you want/ expect, and this process can begin before you come into the studio.



Contact the studio via our Tattoo Booking Form


We love inspo! Mood boards, pictures, artwork, photos, references, the size of the tattoo you want (in centimetres) and preferred body placement. Obvs, being as clear as you can will help us nail this process.


Your tattooist will then start thinking about the design and will quickly be able to tell you how much time to allocate in the studio and the cost, which is based on the design and the time it will take to tattoo.



  • Use our Tattoo Booking Form 
  • You’ll receive a quote based on time and style of your chosen artwork
  • Make a pre-paid appointment 
  • Once you’ve made an appointment your Tattooist will be available for one free redesign. A charge of $50 will be applied if you require further edits. 
  • Get Tattooed! 



Your quote can only ever be an estimate. If it says 4-5 hours, be prepared for five. Last minute changes etc can push out tattoo sessions by an hour or so. Please take note of our T&Cs, our cancellation policy states that we don’t offer refunds, so be sure of yourself! 



Flash tattoos are designs created by the tattooist that can be repeated.

When you book an appointment for a Flash Design please include a screenshot or detailed description of the design, including body placement and please be aware If you want a bigger version than 6cms of the design, you will be quoted accordingly. Now we’re all on the same page :) 


And you’re welcome to rock the random and roll the dice – walk in, pick a piece, and get your flash design inked in-store – straight up.



Please make sure you’ve got a clear idea of the design you want tattooed if you visit Roxxi’s as a walk-in. The clearer you are the clearer we can be, and your appointment time can focus entirely on you and your fresh ink. 



Our tattoo artists’ styles are available to view on social media, so you’ll know if we are a good fit before contacting us. If you’re not serious about getting tattooed at Roxxi’s – engaging with us, getting a design done and never committing to paying for the ink, for example – please don’t waste our precious time. Front up with respect – online and in-store.


Once you’re in the chair and the equipment is humming, please don’t try and haggle on the agreed price. We’re transparent in regard to our cost and display our price list across the front page of our website and appointment page. 

Getting ink at Roxxi’s is a boutique experience, so please don’t tell us how you can get inked cheaper elsewhere: we know it won’t be this good.



Although you’ll be working one-on-one with your artist, Roxxi’s studio deals with client communications and appointments. Please get in touch to initially talk with our team here.





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