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The pool room is a shrine to Australia’s most treasured ideals, a place where the things you love most line the walls. 
Featuring flash art, custom designs, hand-sewn embroidered patches, some deliciously questionable art and a Kerrigan-worthy gang of tattooists – because that’s the vibe… right – it’s hardly surprising that The Pool Room @ Roxxi’s is fast becoming Fitzroy’s freshest new destination. 
Legendary tattooists Cody McElroy and Rob Ting top the bill, bringing a whole new vibe to the street. With years of experience, these two make up a double act that is hard to resist, a stylish, joyful larrikinism that leaves you wanting more – which can be arranged. 
How did it happen? 
Absolute babes, tattooists and best mates in search of a studio, Cody and Rob walked down Gertrude Street and by chance they met Colette, the woman behind Roxxi’s, and the rest is history. The Pool Room was born, a fusion of style, substance and exquisite creativity, designed to have just what you want each and every time. 

With its sharp new look and award-winning creatives, The Pool Room is open for business. Offering solid, efficient traditional tattooing and custom embroidery, come for the art and stay for the vibe.

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