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Straight Outta Geddes

STRAIGHT OUT UNDERGROUND BIZNIZ  Date: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2023  Time: 10:00PM - 6:00AM Venue: G...


Date: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2023 

Time: 10:00PM - 6:00AM 

$30 + $4 booking fee - $1 of the bf goes to CHANGE THE RECORD #raisetheage


Running hot after the high vibes of Straight Outta Croxton – SYSTEM UNKNOWN and VIRUS SOUND SYSTEM collaborate yet again to bring you another episode of audio madness. This time ‘round it’s all about STRAIGHT OUTTA GEDDES and will feature our guest sound system, Goody’s HiFi.

Friday, February 17th down the back alley known as Geddes Lane in Melbourne’s CBD, each crew will deliver their own flavour. Expect 8hrs of uninterrupted tunes over 3 LEVELS!  - no sound clash here! 

VIRUS was founded in Melbourne circa 1998 and have since gained a reputation of bringing uncompromising, genre busting and cutting-edge tunes from around the globe. Originally focusing on hard techno with generous portions of London acid techno, although these days Virus have a more diverse musical policy that’s closer to their original roots: Roots that have been heavily influenced by living in the dark underbelly of Europe and the UK. This immersion saw them witness a dynamic and rich history of strong community, squatting, pirate radio, art creation, squat cafes to feed the people, free festivals and a traveler’s scene that stretches back to the very early 1990’s. It clearly left a lasting impression! 

Expect to find mash up sets on the Virus Sound System, ranging from EuroTek, Tekno, Electro, Punk-Funk, Jungle, Hardcore, DnB, Rollers, NeuroFunk and more. They’ll be featuring two special guests: Hudaztek hailing from Denmark who is part of a Danish sound system called PRA and BasSPunky who bring 100% LIVE electro-punk funk from Castlemaine!  The BasSPunky guys were unable to perform at the last collaborative party, Triple Drop, due to the spicy flu. They’re understandably frothing to give it to you all good and proper this time ‘around. Expect frenetic beats and bootylicious basslines! 


SYSTEM UNKNOWN is the first all Australian born reggae heavyweight sound system that surfaced in Melbourne in 2010. Aside from reggae, they bring a unique style of bass sounds, unrelenting pressure and maximum vibes to many Melbourne dances over the years. Since their inception, they’re known to fling down vinyl only selections through their custom-built sound system, that’s channeled through a purpose-built analog pre-amp that truly delivers exactly what the music was initially made for.  

On top of their killer vinyl DJs and regular guest MC’s, they have TWO original and exceptionally talented producers namely; Major Delay and Delve within their ranks. They both defy genre classifications except to say they have a raw, honest and deep interpretation of bass sounds that career across multiple lanes. System Unknown have also had a history of pre lockdown collaborations with giants such as Mungo’s HiFi and Soom T, which are now legendary. Come on down and get a proper dose of this lot if you know what’s good for you! 

Both crews are super stoked to announce this event's guest sound system, Goody’s HiFi, who’ll be given total free reign to play whatever tunes they please unhindered. Goody's HiFi have been running their custom hand-built, four-way sound system with a tidy set of four scoops that pushes out a formidable sound. Their sound is a clean and solid one that has rightly cemented their growing reputation across Melbourne for the past five years. Inspired by the UK sound system scene, the Goody's crew consistently deliver a top tier selection of steppers, dub, and heavy bass. Goody’s are certainly committed and are galvanised by their passion for positively advancing sound system culture in Australia. We love ‘em and I’m sure you will too.




- BasSPunky - Live 

- Dub Siren 

- Jim Westlake

- Pixleton

- Rukkus

- Dutch Schultz





- Major Delay

- Lego

- Undies

- Delve

- GC

- Mishka

- Ernest Dubious

- Jack Driscoll



- Jack 

- Harry 

- Martha 


$1 of every STRAIGHT OUTTA GEDDES ticket sold through ROXXTIX goes towards the chosen organisation: CHANGE THE RECORD

Change the Record is doing crucial work to #RaiseTheAge to end the imprisonment of Australian Indigenous children as young as 10 years old. These guys campaign across Australia to get governments to end the discriminatory practices that drive children into prisons and contribute to the devastating numbers of Black deaths in custody every year. Change the Record runs entirely on donations - not government funding - to power the incredible work they do. STRAIGHT OUTTA GEDDES, along with ROXXTIX feels priveledged and proud to be able to donate a tidy sum to CHANGE THE RECORD via this event.  Let's rave with meaning! 


✨✨ROXXTIX and the organisers of this event respectfully acknowledge the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Bunurong Boon Wurrung peoples of the Eastern Kulin, the traditional owners of where we work, play and dance. We pay respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in our community and beyond, to their continuing connection to the land that we are partying on✨✨


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